Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flame-resistant wick holder for candle ...

A flame-retardant wick holder for a candle is made of a material having a UL-94 vertical burn test rating of at least V-0, including polymers and ceramics. The wick holder supports a wick at the bottom of a candle. The wick holder material causes the flame on the wick to extinguish when it reaches the holder, thereby preventing flashover of the residual candle fuel at the end of the candle useful life. One version of the holder has a cylindrical sleeve fit over a wick clip holding the lower end of the wick. The cylindrical holder is well adapted for use in pillar-type candles.


A wick assembly for a candle having a wick, the candle made from a fuel capable of melting to form a liquid pool and traveling by capillary action to a flame burning on the wick, the wick assembly comprising.

A wick clip holding one end of the wick inside a tube having an upper end, the wick extending from the upper end;
a sleeve having a top end, a bottom end, a side wall connecting the top end to the bottom end, and a bore through the sleeve for fitting around the tube and the wick, the sleeve top end positioned adjacent or extending past the tube upper end, the sleeve being made from a non-combustible material selected from the group consisting of polyethersulfone and polyvinylchloride.

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