Tuesday, July 3, 2007



hertz: Hz = 1/s

newton: N = m kg/s2

Pressure, stress
pascal: Pa = N/m2 = kg/m s2

Energy, work, quantity of heat
joule: J = N m = m2 kg/s2

Power, radiant flux
watt: W = J/s = m2 kg/s3

Quantity of electricity, electric charge
coulomb: C = s A

Electric potential
volt: V = W/A = m2 kg/s3 A

farad: F = C/V = s4 A2/m2 kg

Electric resistance
ohm: Omega = V/A = m2 kg/s3 A2

siemens: S = A/V = s3 A2/m2 kg

Magnetic flux
weber: Wb = V s = m2 kg/s2 A

Magnetic flux density, magnetic induction
tesla: T = Wb/m2 = kg/s2 A

henry: H = Wb/A = m2 kg/s2 A2

Luminous flux
lumen: lm = cd sr

lux: lx = lm/m2 = cd sr/m2

Activity (ionizing radiations)
becquerel: Bq = 1/s

Absorbed dose
gray: Gy = J/kg = m2/s2

Dynamic viscosity
pascal second: Pa s = kg/m s

Moment of force
metre newton: N m = m2 kg/s2

Surface tension
newton per metre: N/m = kg/s2

Heat flux density, irradiance
watt per square metre: W/m2 = kg/s3

Heat capacity, entropy
joule per kelvin: J/K = m2 kg/s2 K

Specific heat capacity, specific entropy
joule per kilogram kelvin: J/kg K = m2/s2 K

Specific energy
joule per kilogram: J/kg = m2/s2

Thermal conductivity
watt per metre kelvin: W/m K = m kg/s3 K

Energy density
joule per cubic metre: J/m3 = kg/m s2

Electric field strength
volt per metre: V/m = m kg/s3 A

Electric charge density
coulomb per cubic metre: C/m3 = s A/m3

Electric displacement, electric flux density
coulomb per square metre: C/m2 = s A/m2

farad per metre: F/m = s4 A2/m3 kg

henry per metre: H/m = m kg/s2 A2

Molar energy
joule per mole: J/mol = m2 kg/s2 mol

Molar entropy, molar heat capacity
joule per mole kelvin: J/mol K = m2 kg/s2 K mol

Exposure (ionizing radiations)
coulomb per kilogram: C/kg = s A/kg

Absorbed dose rate
gray per second: Gy/s = m2/s3

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